I hate commuting – it is quite literally the worst part of my day. Living where I live, and working where I work the only plausible form of transport is the dreaded tube. So every morning, I allow my inner dementor to rule for a while whilst I battle my way through rush hour. However, there is one thing that tends to perk me up on the long journey to work and that’s listening to The Guilty Feminist podcast. For those of you who don’t know, the Podcast is written and run by comedian Deborah Francis-White, and she talks about being a woman and what that entails in the modern world. It’s brilliant – I love it – you should allow download it immediately!

On Monday, the Podcast held an emergency recording in order to talk about the impending election. I, of course, jumped at the chance to get tickets and happily bounced over to the venue after work. On this particular episode, Deborah and fellow comedian Sarah Pascoe interviewed Catherine Mayer, leader of the recently formed Women’s Equality Party. The party was born to give women a voice (finally) and help to re-engage them with politics.


When the two main UK parties cannot promise good and reachable policies for women around issues which affect them there seems like there is no hope. That’s why this party was formed and why they stand for change. One of their candidates stands for everything that people are told to fear – she is young, black, Muslim and was a refugee. I think that is brilliant because quite frankly I have had enough of these white men in suits running the place – they have done a crap job so far.

Of course, this party has controversy surrounding it, but its less about the policies and more about the fact that it’s run by women (surprise surprise – thank you patriarchy). Earlier today The Independent came out with an article about the WEP saying more or less “how dare they stand in constituencies which already have women standing in them?” Hmmm – well let’s be honest, you wouldn’t say that if they were men would you? The idea would seem preposterous a man run against another man in politics – the atrocity! Nope, didn’t think so, just plain old double standards up to its old tricks again.

Overall, it was a great couple of hours of pure laughter, political debates and even an auction of a genuine suffragette coin. I mean you can’t really ask for a better evening can you?