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A Little Positivity Goes A Long Way

I started 2017 with a barrage of emotions hitting me from all sides. Between the 1st and the 4th of January I not only got hurt badly by someone but I also received the best news I've ever had, so fair to say I was a little all over the place. I realised though, that I seemed to be having more bad days than good.

Why Being a Teetotaller Isn’t Lonely

It’s that time of the year again – the one time when people bombard me with question after question about how to stay alcohol-free and ask how I’ve managed to do it for years. Where are the best alcohol-free bars? What do you drink instead? Where in London can you buy non-alcoholic beers? Yep - it looks like everyone has decided to give #DryJanurary a go.

New Year – New Me? Yeah Right…

So I’ve survived the first week of 2017! The world hasn’t imploded (probably as Trump hasn’t yet taken centre stage), I haven’t had one of those ‘grass is greener’ moments (yet) and this year, for the first time ever, I have taken the conscious decision not to make any New Year’s resolutions or jump on board with any January trends.

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